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Of Gods, Demons, and Witches: Books 1-3

Demonic Messes Omnibus

Of Gods, Demons, and Witches: Books 1-3

United by destiny and bound by love, Pen, Flint, Marc, and Sharpe summon unwavering courage to work together and safeguard Clearhelm from encroaching shadows, facing danger, love, and sacrifices beyond imagination.

Join Pen, Flint, and Marc in "The Cleaners" as they uncover a horrifying reality—a demonic group trafficking genetically altered children. With Captain Sharpe, a former friend turned adversary, can they set aside past betrayals and work together to dismantle the vile enterprise, saving innocent victims from a dark fate?

In "The Witchblood," Clearhelm's coven faces a malevolent darkness draining witches of their magic and threatening to destroy the ley lines. As Pen and her allies fight to uncover the truth, their bonds are tested while an unknown force seeks to tear them apart. Can they decipher an ancient magic book and halt the encroaching doom of the witchblood?

As the team teeters on the edge of breaking, with one of their own missing, "The Fox God" demands the life of one of their own. Follow Pen and her companions as they battle ancient adversaries, struggling to save themselves from the ultimate sacrifice.

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