A charming, slow burn reverse harem series featuring a feisty succubus and the sexy demons determined to claim her.

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Times are tough for Adeline Boo Pond, a succubus newly arrived to the human plane and unhappy with her allotted place in life. 

Created to feed on sex, Adie wants more from life, and she’s devised a plan to achieve her dreams while not harming humans. She can handle working long hours, and self-preservation has given her a love of baking, so why not combine those two skills and open a bakery? Humans love dessert, and Adie’s happy to provide a service that allows her to skip the more dangerous activities of feeding in place of a more peaceful option.

Only problem? Three sexy demons are determined to stand in her way. They want Adie for themselves, and they have one hell of a bargain to offer her in exchange for helping her to reach her dreams. But will she accept it?

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus Bargain (Serials 1-5) + Bonus Content

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Despite now living with three sexy demons of destruction, and signing the paperwork for her bakery, Succubus Adie can’t find peace. The dream of her bakery is within reach, but she also needs to find time to put in some self-study. Too bad for her she can’t even read the demon manuals, and no one is willing to help.

With bakery renovations underway, she now needs to find employees who won’t look at her funny when they discover the ovens are run by a fire demon, or who question the cupcakes she leaves out as offerings at night. When her cousin Julian calls with an offer too good to be true, Adie has little choice but to accept. 

Meanwhile, she’s finding an uneasy balance with her sexy demons of destruction, but a summer storm might ruin everything. For the first time, Adie will be called on to do more than just skim energy from her bad boys. 

Good thing this little succubus is up for the challenge.

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus Studies (Succubus Harem 6-10) + Bonus Content

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In a world where demons live in hiding among humans, Adie Pond is finally getting her life on track. 


Open her bakery? Check. 

Hire employees? Check.

Find a balance with her sexy demon roommates? Double check.


But the demon world doesn’t seem to want Adie to live an easy life. When she’s yanked into a meeting with the Librarian and given an assignment she can’t refuse, Adie will have to put her dreams on hold once more, this time to complete a mysterious “Quest” she has little interest in. 


Added to that is a new demon of destruction in town who rubs Adie’s instincts the wrong way. When their paths cross, all hell breaks loose. Literally.


Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus on a Mission (Succubus Harem 11-15)

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The Hunters marked Adie’s bakery. Now they plan to capture and harvest her body to use in their dark magic. Demons are supposed to be the boogeymen in this world, so why are these evil witches so much worse?

The Librarian told her to gather her people close, that she would need all of her resources to survive the coming battle, but her sexy demons seem determined to keep her out of it. How can she protect her people and herself if she’s put in the corner and told to wait?

As a demon who loves to bake and a succubus who refuses to feed on humans, is there a place for Adie in this world? And what price will she pay to find it?

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus Hunted (Serials 16-22) + Bonus Content!

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Adie escaped the Hunters, but not without cost. Nightmares plague her sleep, questioning the choices she made. Or is it something more?

After taking down the Hunters, Adie should be living in bliss. She has everything she wanted, her bakery, friendships, and possibly the love of three powerful demons. But nightmares haunt Adie's sleep, reminding her of the danger her love can bring.

As she withdraws from Emil, Tobias, and Kellen she leaves herself vulnerable. Something dark stalks her sleep, and it might not be just her own troubled thoughts.

When nightmares come to life, Adie faces a horrible choice, one that could endanger the human world or separates her from the demons of destruction.

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus Hunted (Serials 23-31)!

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Two demons walk into a courtroom, and all hell breaks loose.

Adie thought her past was behind her, but the demon council isn’t so sure. When an innocent pink slip turns into a summons, Adie finds herself yanked into a courtroom alongside Julian.

Claims have been made against them, and they must now stand trial for their actions. Can Tobias, Emil, and Kellen pull them out of the hot seat, or will their lives be torn apart?

With their freedom on the line, Adie and Julian will be pitted against each other. According to demon law, someone must pay. Trust will be tested, bonds will be stretched, and no one is safe.

Includes All Serial Parts From Succubus Trials (Serials 32-37)!