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Forest Scene

Welcome Serial Reader

Thank you for your interest in the serials of my books. I made the decision in 2023 to no longer publish serials on Amazon. All serials moving forward are exclusive to Patreon.


If you were mid series when the serials were pulled, my apologies. I waited six months after the final serial release before making the decision to pull them, but there was no way to make sure no one was in progress when they came down. However, they serials are all included in the full-length book releases, and you can switch over to that format to read the rest of the series. 

Below is a list of which serials are included in which books.

Serial Information

Succubus Harem Serial

Bundled into The (un)Lucky Succubus

Succubus Bargain: Succubus Harem Serials 1-5

Succubus Studies: Succubus Harem Serials 6-10

Succubus Mission: Succubus Harem Serials 11-16

Succubus Hunted: Succubus Harem Serials 17-22

Succubus Dreams: Succubus Harem Serials 23-31

Succubus Trials: Succubus Harem Serials 32-37

Succubus Undone: Succubus Harem Serials 38-43

Succubus Reborn: Succubus Harem Serials 44-49

Succubus Ascended: Succubus Harem Serials 50-55

Hartford Cove Serial

Bundled into Monsters Among Us: Hartford Cove

Magic's Curse: Hartford Cove Serials 1-8

Magic's Flight: Hartford Cove Serials 9-14

Magic's Feud: Hartford Cove Serials 15-20

Magic's Dawn: Never serialized on Amazon

Forest Scene
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